Little Parakeet Investments likes property. Especially properties that can deliver stable and long term cash flow and has the potential to develop an exciting opportunity from vacant land or objects. The team likes to search for opportunities across residential, industrial and commercial markets with focus on a few key aspects. The properties will be located in potentially high capital returning locations where the property will appreciate over a pre-determined time period. Little Parakeet assesses each investment opportunity based on pre-tax returns on equity.






Emphasis on long term repeatable earnings.

Will only invest in opportunities that have low operating costs and strong existing cash flows and a high degree of confidence that those cash flows will continue into the foreseeable future through long term contractible leases. Well located and maintained properties with reliable long term tenant is an ideal opportunity for Little Parakeet Investments.

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Purchasing vacant land in areas that have strong demand now or potentially in the future for affordable housing is of interest to Little Parakeet Investments. Preferably zoning can allow for multiple dwelling development and urban facilities to ensure the project captures all in demand needs and wants. Ideally the land would be located within proximity to public transport, parks, schools and shops. Real demand can be justified through publicly available data



Objects either in the form of houses, apartments, commercial or industrial premises that are well located but in the need of some tender loving care and new energy is of interest to Little Parakeet Investments. Ideally the property would have a great location, requiring an up-grade of some sort and has the potential for repeatable revenue generation through signing of new lease agreements or a release of the property through a sale upon completion of upgrade.

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