Little Parakeet Investments looks for a close match between the views of management/ entrepreneur of the entities requiring capital and the views of the partners at Little Parakeet. Little Parakeet acknowledges that management/entrepreneurs of companies requiring capital are an important part of the value proposition and this is a key element of consideration for Little Parakeet prior to partnering.

Little Parakeet Investments believes finding management/entrepreneurs with a real sense of purpose and has similar values to the team at Little Parakeet is a firm base to form a successful partnership.

Little Parakeet Investments are interested in the early stage development of an idea or concept and at the other end of the business cycle, well established businesses with a preferred focus on the social and environmental areas.

Little Parakeet Investments looks for people who may have been on a journey in life of some sorts that has had a lasting impact on their character and has shaped and will continue to shape the person they are.

With all investments, Little Parakeet will look to perform detailed due diligence, acquire equity interest-either controlling or minority position, obtain board position, be a long-term holder with the goal to drive business-maximise returns and develop a transparent and honest partnership

Even if at the start it’s an idea on the back of a bus ticket, Little Parakeet Investments could be keen to explore further if the match feels right. Little Parakeet Investments does not invest large amounts up front based on a few power point meetings.

Rather, Little Parakeet Investments takes a partnership approach through what we call the “LP Business Readiness Program”. The program is designed for the Little Parakeet Investments team to work very closely with the entrepreneur in taking the idea/concept from the early stage and developing or massaging it into a business model which can be fit for launch and ready for next level of funding.

When looking for participants for the “LP Business Readiness Program” Little Parakeet will consider the following:

# Partner with entrepreneurs that have a strong ethical base for building their business and their ambitions are a good match with Little Parakeets beliefs.

# Little Parakeet can support the ambitions of the entrepreneur through sharing vast levels of skills and experiences via the program.

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Small to medium enterprises (SME) market continues to grow and Little Parakeet Investments are interested in established enterprises who have a track record of being successful. The business must be of the highest quality and has a history of profitability. Proven leadership of the businesses is critical

Ideally the established business is looking for an injection of capital to grow their operation to the next level.

The type of investment made by Little Parakeet Investments will be tailored to suit the circumstances-from purchase of 100% of the business to a minority investment supporting existing owners.


Little Parakeet typically looks for businesses that fit the following criteria:

  • Headquarters in Sweden or Nordic countries.
  • Proven performer – history of sustainable earnings
  • Solid growth potential
  • Outstanding leadership, values and vision from founders and/or management.
  • All industry groups considered however priority would be social and environmental businesses.
  • Requiring capital injection to reach next stage in growth plan.
  • Requires further expertise to support growth.

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